Untitled after Kim Myung Soon (2019)

For Solo Senghwang. Premiered by Gamin.

Opera Sunday Supper (2018)

For Soprano, Piri & Senghwang, Gayageum, Violin, and Eletronics. Premiered at National Sawdust.

Klusters (2017)

For Saxophone, Viola, Double Bass, Percussion, and Piano. Performed by Equilibrium ensemble (EQ Commissioning Project No.4 Yoon-Ji Lee).

Talking to the Moon (2013)

Performed by Dan VanHassel (Equilibrium ensemble). Video by Nicole Parks.

Liquid Noise (2017)

Video by Bang Geul Han. Sound by Yoon-Ji Lee. Sound Engineering by Young Kon Kim.

10 Stages of using hair to forget the first love (2014)

For amplified violin solo and video. Violin performance by Pauline Kim-Harris; video by Bang Geul Han.

Delia Elena San Marco after Jorge Luis Borges (2014)

For two violins. Performance by Momento String Quartet. (begins 1:18)

INTRA II (2014)

For viola and electronics. Performed by Hannah Levinson, viola.

Contact Place after Pina Bausch (2012)

For electric guitar concerto. Performed by JP McShane, guitar; conducted by David Bloom.

About Face (2011)

For soprano and double string quartet.

Straight Waves (2010)

For flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet in C, trombone, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello. Premiered by Argento Ensemble.

In Dark Sunshine (2009)

For clarinet in Bb/bass clarinet, violin, and percussion.